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See you all in 2 weeks!


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Myself and a couple of other team riders are heading over to France to enter the World Snow Kite Masters championships in Serre Chevalier, SE France close to the Italien border.

This will be all our first time snowkiting apart from Jo who went out last year!

So far we have been delayed a day as flight has been cancelled for tomorrow as of snow in UK at Gatwick! Typical! So driving down tomorrow to make sure we get to airport for Flight early Friday morning!

Can not wait to head out there and experience it! Least you have got snow in the UK now! Normally love the stuff, but not at the moment haha!!!

Ill be updating my site with pics & videos from each day Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier

Have a good few weeks!




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Sounds awesome, Im having to settle for a week snowboarding in Bulgaria (leaving tomorrow night) but at the moment its not looking too good (easyjet) doh :(

Good luck sparkles.


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Dude, we are now meant to be leaving 6am Tomorrow morning with Easyjet from Gatwick haha!! Just got to hope it dosnt get cancelled!!

We are just checking Answer for all flight info, this time last night it had some info on todays canceled flights so fingers crossed!


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Well travel was a nightmare! Luckily flight still went out on time but Gatwick was a nightmare with the amount of people sleeping there!

We took off and mid flight they closed the airport we were meant to be flying in too! So we had to get a bus transfer across! Then when we got picked up on the drive upto the chalet where they had just come the only road in from the north was closed due to heavy snow so we had to take a 130 mile detor! and this was on the side of mounatin with speeds of max 20-30mph with full snow chains on!

We arrived at 10pm after being up since 1am! So in total travel time was 36 hours! Got to love the weather!

We sessioned today in mega fresh powder which was unreal, some of the best fun ever had! Super stoked!

Main event is from monday so another day messing around tomorrow! Hoping Brendan made it out after more flights cancelled today!

Seems we were mega lucky!