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Searching for a Printing company?

Hi all,

I just wanted a little bit of advice -

Because our main target customers are graphic designers like yourselves, could you tell me where you would search for a printing company to use?

For example would you google a certain phrase like "business cards" and then just search on the first page, or would you look in magazines/word of mouth etc?

Would be really helpful if lots of people could reply!




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I happened to find yourself via the FreelanceUK forums last year, I wouldn't just google it and use any company. I would ask them for sample packs if they had them, and then research them on various design forums to find reviews or recommendations.
This is only for small things like business cards though, anything bigger and I would use the printers the company I work for us as I know they are top quality.


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Casting a big Google net wouldn't be practical as the bigger boys would have that sewed and sorted and any business would be a small drip. Established agencies will already have print sourced. Smaller freelancers and designers who are looking, I presume rely on word of mouth and chance. Forums are the more approachable way in I think, but like any business, there needs to be a reason to use you or change/try from an existing supplier. It isn't enough to show you can print.. so can 20,000 other printers. I always ask "Why should I can/try/use you?" What benefit is there in for me. What makes you different? Give me an offer I can't refuse. People will always search for a local printer first so perhaps consolidate the local market.
I ran a big google search and asked for sample packs.

I think you should reevaluate the way you have presented your business card pricing. It is slightly confusing!
sorry for typing something totally useless!! Take it easy - in a rush so didnt read properly.

Adverts in magazines such as creative review have cudos but they need to be designed well and look great to attract the attention of designers.

But if I needed a printer quickly then I would most likely google, I'd have more samples that I can see on your site.
Yes - we are already a printing company so i wouldn't need to be searching for others! Maybe my question wasn't clear enough. I was just asking from a research point of view how people search for printing companies the most.

Clord - which bit is confusing? the multi name/design bit? It's difficult because i find it pretty straight forward. How many names/designs do you have? And how many of each do you want? If you have 2 people in your company needing cards at the same time and you want 250 of each then you select 2 x 250 = £55.

But i guess if other people are finding it confusing i should take a look at it ;), thanks! I think its the whole names/designs that is confusing. Maybe it should just say "Names"!


It is the names/ designs thing that get me! It might be because every other site offers a price for either single or double sided. I guess what your offering is a combined fee if you have different designs?

Looking at it again, it isn't that confusing! I am just stupid. But maybe it could be headed more obviously like 'Multi Save'. Or combined so and so....
Yeah that's right. I've just had the wording changed a bit so that it's a bit clearer!

Thanks Peter - your sample pack will go out today so you should receive it tomorrow!!

Anyone else for a sample pack???


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How much for 250 x 2 kinds folded business cards, flat size 55mm x 170mm / 350gsm, silk art, no lamination. Delivery by Monday latest?

For delivery Monday that would be £97 + Vat

(Printed digitally on our indigo seeing as you want them so quickly)