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Scrolling banner with different page links

Apologies for my ignorance on this, I'm mainly a print designer so don't often venture into web design. I'm building a site for a client who requires a scrolling image/text box to sit on the homepage where the user can click on a directional arrow > to scroll through and preferably click on each image to take them to a specific part of the site.

I'm on the hunt for any tutorials on how to create this. I've done simple auto scroll flash embeds into sites before but am not sure how to add the functionality. Is there a proper name for this type of feature to help me search out tutorials? Any advice or links would be appreciated.

Rough example of what I mean can be seen on this site (though this doesn't have the separate image click links)
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Hi Russell,

I think this might be what your after AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin | CSS-Tricks you don't need to know javascript, its pretty simple to use.

Each slide is just a list item so you could place any html in there which would allow you to have links etc round images within slides.

If you need any help let me know.
Thanks tbwcf, that's exactly what I'm after, again apologies for my ignorance but any tips on how I go about adding this to the page? I can figure out how to customise the size and imagery but have no idea how to actually add it it to the page on the site.


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If you download the demo files you'll have all the bits you need in there.

You need to include the javascript (jquery libary + plug in js) & css in the head of the page as in the demo...

Then basically add in your page
<!-- slider starts -->
<div class="anythingSlider">

<div class="wrapper">

Everything for slide one goes here

Everything for slide two goes here

Everything for slide three goes here

</div> <!-- slider ends -->
If you need more slides then just add another list item in <li> </li>
Will do, it's at early stages so I'm just making sure I'm up to doing the all the functionality required, as I don't normally dabble too much in these areas. By the way I am getting a fair bit more web work these days so if your up for any subcontracting work just PM me with your rates etc.