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Scroll bar on right hand side


Senior Member
Hi all

Is there are way to get the scroll bar to stay on the right hand side on every page. i have some pages that arnt long enough to warrent a scroll bar and the page moves when i click between pages.



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It can be quite obvious or annoying sometimes, not sure if there is a solution but I'd like to know it if there is though :)


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@Aarlev overflow-x / overflow-y are css3 properties?

would overflow:scroll; work or would that give you a horizontal scroll bar too?

maybe body {height:100%; margin-bottom:-10px;} something like that might work for the pages that aren't long enough?
Yeah I don't know of any solutions with css2. So yeah I guess I'm not much of a help. :D

I tried overflow:scroll once and that gives you a horizontal scrollbar as well.


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I've seen this mentioned a few times in .net magazine (Q/A write in section) I'll have a look through a couple later and see if I can pick it up...


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html{ height:101%;}

That's the best standard and cross browser solution. overflow-y isn't universally recognised…