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Screwless furniture

Hi creative community!

My name is Nadia Villalobos and I'm an industrial designer. I'm new here and I want to share the work of my architecture and design studio, AVO studio. We are developing some projects of furniture that can be assembled and disassembled easily without extra assembly elements such as screws, so it can be transported easily using a minimum space. and I would like to know your opinion.

You can see our portfolio on Behance.

Ummm cool stuff but this forum is more about graphic / web design compared to furniture stuff so I can't really say much apart form nice work!

You're welcome to hang around though, just not loving the whole 'check my behance site' approach...


Staff member
Welcome to the forum nadiavillalobos... unfortunately I've got to agree with Alex, joining up just to promote another site isn't good forum etiquette in my view although if you're going to come back and join in we'll let it slide :)

Also Alex we're in the Product Design, 3D & CAD section, it doesn't really cover web design or graphics for that matter lol

As to the designs, the idea of screwless furniture isn't new, originally most furniture was made without the use of screws, they used things like dove tail joints. The invention of the screw could be seen as a turning point of making designs that had less longevity in their manufacture, a more disposable product if you will, it's not like we'd expect most modern furniture to last several hundred years like they used to unless it's extremely expensive and hand made.

For me personally, the designs you've come up aren't really anything special, most industrial/product designers will have come up with or worked on designs with a similar 'machine cut shape with slots' approach like you have. The large table also has ergonomic issues in my opinion, the way you've designed it would limit leg space and could cause cramp in some people, pretty sure I would get cramp if I was forced to sit at that table.
Thanks for your comments, I’m sorry for Behance link, also I'm a little confused about the section because it has Product Design title or you only refering about modeling stuff? If it is, well… for example the stool was design in Grasshopper to create the structure and make it functional and resistant. I know that the screwless furniture is not new, search more about it, because it has a process and is not that simple. Also the large table is a coffee table, the cramp issue is meaningless.

Sorry for the Behance link! Thanks for the feedbacks! :)


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sorry my mistake... your image made it look more like a dining table.

I don't need to search about screwless furniture, I've worked on it in the past and there is nothing overly complicated or special about your designs.

You specifically mention using grasshopper to make the stool functional and resistant.... did anyone actually sit on it for a long period of time because that looks damned uncomfortable, not to mention there could be a weak spot in the leg design but I'd need to see the stress analysis to confirm it.


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Welcome to DF and good to see another facet of design on here.

I really like your designs.

I know it's not the same thing but I'm working of some projects for my garden and I'm trying to do them using almost completely repurposed and free materials.
I made a fence and a gate from old bits of a collapsed fence in a farmers field and sticks from local woodland.
I wanted to make it completely screwless using traditional methods but I had to use 2 screws for the gate latch but I can live with that. ;)

My next project is to build a little studio/kids den/summer house thing at the top of the garden and I've been stockpiling wood and scavenging builders skips for ages.
I enjoy the challenge of designing it around using what I can find and make and I have the idea of making the front of it open up like two giant, hinged cupboard doors.

Anyhow. Please stick around as I for one would love to see more of your work.