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Screen Printers

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by ARRIVALS, Oct 11, 2011.


    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to have some screen-printed posters done but no idea where to look. Ideally I'd prefer to get the frames/inks and do them myself, but can't afford that option right now.

    These are A3 or A2 posters that I've designed, to sell. Only a limited run of 10. So if there's any screenprinters based in Lancashire on here, or if anywhere else for that matter, here's what quotes I'm looking for.

    1 A3 print
    1 A2 print

    10 A3 prints
    10 A2 prints

    I also have no idea if the amount of colours effects the price, so if anyone could provide info on that, that'd be great.

    Cheers. :icon_thumbup:
  2. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Do they need to be screen-printed? Screens have to be made for each colour 1 offs are out of the question. Probably 10 is a bit of a small order. What about doing them digitally/ink jet? You can use some fairly matt papers nowadays.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Doesn't have to be, I just really like the rough, honest finish you get with them. And as the prints will be personal to the person buying them, I'd prefer a more personal finish.
  4. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    What do they look like? How complicated are they? Prices will depend on number of colours.

    Another alternative is to do them yourself. Is there a screen-printing art group/workshop near you?

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    They're either 1 colour on white or 2 colours on white. Won't be any more than that. They'll predominantly hand drawn typographic designs, no complicated imagery or anything like that. Very simple, perfect for screen-printing.

    I'd like to do them myself, I just can't afford the materials for frames, inks, screens etc.. so until I can, I'm looking for a professional screen-printer to do it.

    I've tried looking around Blackpool but can't find any. Keep getting T-Shirt printing printers. No luck.
  6. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Might be worth giving one of them a call - or perhaps a sign printer who offers screen printing. They can only say no!

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    I will call them at some point, just thought I'd see if there was any screen-printers on here, specifically that screen-print A2/A3 posters.

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