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hey hey all,

long time since i logged in :rolleyes:

was bored on tuesday so bought a faulty 22" LG screen from ebay for £20 as a soldering project and when I looked online i noticed that all LG screens have a 3 year warranty, so i called LG and they are sending a guy to pick up the old screen as they are giving me a brand new one... result or what!

oh whats the current avatar theme?

glenwheeler said:
haha! Bargain my friend! I have x2 22" Samsung screens, they own

they sure do, I love my 22" samsung. Built a PC (it's a gaming rig, go away mac-a-philes :p) for a friend last weekend, he's got one of the new 24" samsung screens its sooooooooooo nice ><


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a friend of mine ordered at massive tv (50+) from a notoriously rubbish electrical retailer, took a gamble on delivery, knowing they didnt handle the deliveries, so paid the extra £5 postal insurance, was promised his TV inside a week. A week later, nothing! Phones up and complains, "we will check up on this and phone you back" half hour later, "The package has been declared dispatched and delivered sir, but you are listed as having paid the insurance, so we will get another one out to you ASAP."

Morning after DING DONG, "Your TV sir." that was fast he thinks. 2 days later, DING DONG, "Your TV sir." He said it was the hardest thing in the world not to smile as he sat in the living room using 2 massive TVs as a dual screen set up!

Waited 4 weeks, heard nothing from the retailer, sold one of them for nearly full price!


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I sent part of an order back to Nike.com and they refunded me for everything!... So I paid nothing for 2 pairs of Nike gym trousers... and i got Quidco cashback!

And last week I was in H&M bought 4 items and the 'manager' forgot to swipe a dress ha so got a free dress!!