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School media trip...


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Its a long shot, but me and a friend are organising our sixth form (16-18 year olds) school media trip.

We think its going to be to London but last year we went on a "package" school trip which wasnt very good so we want to organise it ourselves.

Can anyone throw some ideas about as to what we could visit that would be slightly related to the media?


Staff member
Literally off the top of my head
tate modern, tate, natural history museum, imperial war museum, V&A, fashion and textile museum, design museum.

Theres new designers and the likes shortly too, you've just had fashion show thing too.

or are you after a specific type of media


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design museum has potential.

But yeh, realistically theres got to be a link to media studies - film based stuff, new technology the internet magazines, broadcast, print etc...


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Why has every trip got to be London? It's so obvious and pedestrian, does anyone really learn anything thing there? Too many distractions. If you must go to London, then focus on the Harry Beck's Underground map. It is one of the most iconic pieces of modern graphic design communication. Well thought out and communicated. 80 years on it is still a great piece of graphic design. Ride the tube all day and imagine the design problem he had to solved and how he solved it. Spend a day in Harry's shoes and you may learn about more about problem solving and graphic design that a bog standard trip to London.


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One of the main reason I love walking around london is flyers, posters and free magazines!

I always walk when I go up now, it is amazing how much you can miss and how much you don't realise proximity of things when you are underground and bassing any geographical reference on said wonderous tube map!