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School Logo Project

Hey guys I'm new here and I've never designed a logo before. I have a school project that I've been assigned and so I've come here to get some feedback. I know it's very simple, so feel free to comment on anything, font, layout, design and color would be helpful. Feel free to be brutal.

Here's some background information that I was given for the logo:

You are on the staff of a large marketing firm in New York City and Miles Stanish has hired your firm. He is opening a bicycle store in New York and plans to name it Cycle Fitness. Your firm is to design a new logo for this new shop and as well as for future locations he plans to open. Cycle Fitness plans to hold free seminars on bike safety, cycling for fitness, what to look for when buying a bicycle, choosing the right bike, choosing a bike for a child, and creating a cycle group that will be doing monthly cycle trips. Your firm must design the new logo, a grand opening postcard for mailing, a business card, a rack card that will sit on the counter in a holder indicating all the seminars offered, and a quarter page advertisement, and a tee shirt. The shop’s address is 123 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 20013. Grand opening is June 1.

This is what I have so far:
View attachment 1626

Thanks in advance!


If this is your first logo then youve already done quite well, i dont think its too bad at all. Its quite clever but the same idea has been used before (just google cycle logo) so you might want to look at somehting a bit more original too.