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Santuario Designs (Intro&Details) Recruitment

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Senzu, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Senzu

    Senzu New Member

    Hello, my name is Joseph Wells, before I go any further let me just say that I am new to this forum and I don't know exactly where this would go so I am sorry if I made this in the wrong category.

    [Huge image removed – Mod]

    I am starting a professional and exclusive design team/company.
    There is pay for designing under the team label, and chance for more exposure. Although we are new I have a lot of connections in the community of youtube, twitch. and twitter so it will be easy to gain traction. With that said let me explain our team more. We are an exclusive design team that will be normally working for the online community such as youtube, twitter, twitch, and other things related. Although we will not be limited to those as we will be taking on big projects for companies aswell.

    There is a member cap of 50 and we intend to be very classy and respectful as this will be a real business, we are not looking for anyone that is immature, that does not mean you have to be old just that you have to be mature.

    We want members with at least 2 or more years of experience under the belt. There is no specific category of designers we are looking for, as we intend to also be multi-faceted and have many different options for our customers.

    If you would like to join please contact me with a portfolio and some details of yourself either through skype or my email.

    The Spots without names next to or under are open.


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  2. cpking

    cpking Member

    I am in to this recruitment.
  3. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    The file name for your attached .jpg might benefit from a rethink then.

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