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sallam, shalom, hello, hi, salut, hola...


Junior Member
hey the name is Abdel i'm student ATM, doing Graphic Design at the Univesity of East London. i would be out in the field doing what i like to do but i have a father who ants his son with a degree.

any ways i do some freelance work, web design, posters, leaflets logo design just to get exprience and earn money if i'm lucky.

oh yea i'm from london and i'm 21.


Senior Member
Hey Abdel, similar situation to you, but it was my own desire to have a degree thats made me go into an Engineering degree, least your degree is useful to what we want to go into :D haha


Junior Member
yea it's an intresting course. At first thought i'm going to learn how to use softwares but no. but still a very intresting course some you do get good briefs to work on.