Safeguard Ad


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The business is investing in an advert in a magazine called Safeguard.

Anyway, I've got these three vartions of designs, which do you prefer and what would you change if anything? I'm quite happy with it as it is, but feedback is always welcome.


Stationery Direct

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Have you tried putting something in the screen of the lap? Some of your creative perhaps?
That's what I was thinking but I suppose it depends how big the ad is going to be, also what laptop is that? Looks a little dated to me (maybe wrong) Can you not find a more modern looking one, a nice mac or something?


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Cheers for the feedback Lisa and Damon.

The thought hadn't crossed my mind, I'll certainly consider it. Thanks again:icon_thumbup:
Not being unkind but it looks quite flat and if I was looking through a magazine I probably won't look twice at this, maybe not even once. Nothing is grabbing me here, why should I contact you? At the moment its only saying as much as your business card would.


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No I'm glad you're giving your honest opinion.

I'm really not sure what else to do with it to make it stand out though. It may be too late to change it, but there's a chance I could submit another design.