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Running to save a brain


Staff member
A little while ago Emma (my fiance) and I started running. I was doing it to get fit (and got bored so gave up) but Emma had decided, despite her own ill health, she wanted to run the Jane Tomlinson York 10k for a cancer charity as her mum has an inoperable brain tumor.

Given her Mums condition Emma has decided that rather than run for a generic cancer fund, she'd like to run for The Brains Trust, a brain cancer charity, dedicated to improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and providing support in their search for treatment.

I sure a few members and their families will have had their own struggles with the big C and so will understand her desire to do something proactive. I hope you'll all take a minute (and your wallet) to visit her JustGiving page and show your support.

Cheers guys n gals.