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Running the 2011 London Marathon

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by Ian Bonner, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    We all know what a caring, generous bunch us graphic designers are :icon_biggrin: and it's because of this that I am coming on here to ask for a bit of help. I'm a regular on here so please don't think I'm just using the forums for this purpose! I occasionally give my tuppence worth and hope it benefits people when needed :icon_smile: and I made sure I cleared it with Boss Hog before creating the thread.

    I'm running the London Marathon next year again for the Guide Dogs and also The Blue Cross. I'm after sponsorship and I am asking, really nicely, if there are any of you that could give ANYTHING towards one (or both!) of these charities. I also know how hard it is for people at the moment so I'm not here to push people or beg, and if any of you can manage to give something it will be GREATLY appreciated.

    I am taking donations through 'justgiving' pages and the links are as follows:

    Ian Bonner is fundraising for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

    Ian Bonner is fundraising for The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity

    Thank you for your time and for reading this and I'll see you all in the forums.

  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    A small donation to help the cause.

    Good luck mate :icon_thumbup:
  3. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    Thanks mate. Like I said everything helps and the fact you have donated means everything, so thank you. :icon_smile:
  4. djb

    djb Member

    Good luck with the run, have got a friend doing it too so be sure to pin your name on your monkey suit and I might cheer you on!
  5. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    Thanks for the donation mate! I really appreciate it. I will let you all know what I'm wearing nearer the date so that you will recognise me when I'm being interviewed by Sue barker!

    Wish your mate all the best from me and tell him to take heart from the fact that we are all going through 'it'!
  6. Ryuren

    Ryuren New Member

    I wish i had paid more attention to my own fitness, the other day i ran about 200metres to get the train and my throat just totally closeed up and starting hurting like someone forced a serated knife down it >< but to be fair it was like -2 degrees and gosh did i run fast :p (caught the train by the way)

    edit; forgot to mention the marathon, i only wish i had paid attention to my fitness so i could participate in things like this! x] I fear i would get 500meters and need an ambulance :(

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