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Run IE6 and 7 on same computer


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Can anyone recommend a safe download to enable me to test sites in IE6? (I have IE7 already and obv don't want to overwrite it. And I'm aware that IE6 is pants and out of date etc.) Not fussed about IE8 as well (yet). I noticed Greg said he used 'Multiple IEs' but when Googled it seems to be available from a few sources and I'm not sure which to trust... Last week I tried a download from someone called Tredosoft which was all going swimmingly until I put IE8 on as well, and then Windows died on me and had to be reinstalled. :(

Or I could go try to get a cheap old laptop. What do you experts do?? :confused:


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I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago before that I had to slog away with browsershots at home!

long live NetRender


its a very handy tool :) have saved the URL now so I won't loose it again LOL


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That NetRenderer site is fab!
Unfortunately it shows my IE6 problems are real, despite the fact that Dreamweaver's Browser Compatibilty Check says I've fixed them. Ho-hum. I will attack it again. You'll know if I can't fix it because there will be another helpless post from me later...
Thanks though guys! x


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try sticking this code in the head of your page:
<!--[if lt IE 7]>
<script src="http://ie7-js.googlecode.com/svn/version/2.0(beta3)/IE7.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

here's where it comes from ie7-js - Google Code

in theory that will make ie.6 behave like ie7. (provided js is enabled - which if a business is still using ie6 is quiet possible)


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I used an alternative service to the netrenderer site. It has more options for the browser check but it isn't as quick (as you go in a queue) but it does preview a lot more options :)

I've also done a dual boot (xp/vista 64bit) and a vm of xp on one of my rigs and originally that allowed both ie6 and ie7 although I hardly use xp now as all my software works properly in vista finally :)


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Thanks, I will try that code too! (My brain hurts...) It's very possibly all due to 'operator error' as I'm still a DW newbie. Though it's all fine in IE7, 8, Safari, Firefox etc. Luckily my client is of the opinion that everyone should've upgraded by now, and the buggy layout isn't actually TOO bad if you don't know what it's supposed to look like!


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I'm just the other side of King's Lynn (Terrington)
(I specifically introduced myself in your norfolk thread too :rolleyes:)

As to using vista (x64) - well it's actually more efficient (over xp 32bit) for me now, plus I get a performance boost of roughly 30% in my 3D work so that makes a huge difference :D I did wait till sp1 was nearly released before upgrading though :)

Will probably go Win7 rc1 dual boot at some point to see if it is any faster :confused:
The only 100% reliable way of testing with multiple IEs is to run one Windows instance per browser version. The best way to do this is through virtualisation, although MS SuperPreview might be worth checking out.

Most of the multiple IE solutions have problems of one sort or another. For thorough testing in a particular version of IE you need the correct user agent string, conditional comments need to work, you need the right JavaScript rendering engine, correct cookie and security behaviour and so on. The online browser preview tools are just not viable for debugging.

Working on a Mac gives you one of the most complete solutions: apart from the benefits of a solid virus-resistant OSX, you can use something like Parallels to run a Windows XP for IE6 and Vista for IE7/8, simultaneously on top of OSX - with all browsers, Windows and Mac, along side each other in their own window just like they were all running natively on the one system.


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Thanks for the info! I use a Mac (mini) with Parallels to run OSX and Windows XP together – would also recommend it to anyone. It's easy to install and use and I'm not that techy...
Anyway it means I can check for real in IE7, I just had a problem with that Tredosoft stuff in that I got IE6 on ok, then decided perhaps I did need IE8 too and then Windows promptly died. If you others have managed it ok then perhaps I was just unlucky, unless it was something to do with the dual system thing. Might have another go when I'm feeling brave! Lastly, did you mean it's possible to have OSX, XP and Vista too, running side by side? Like, all three?