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Rude Awakening This morning


Senior Member
I have some news to share. This morning a 3.6 earthquake shook my city for about 5 seconds. It woke me up and i was half asleep and didn't know at first. I knew it could not be a bus because they don't run that early.

Earthquake rumbles through Gaithersburg

No worries though, there were no damages or injuries anywhere but still this is interesting because it makes you realize you're kind of not really able to avoid earthquakes. Earth is certainly still in charge.;)

Tom Sound

Active Member
Wow Rhonda, not the kind of rude awakening that would be welcomed!

It's a funny old planet and we'll never know it's true power, glad you're OK :up:

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
I remember when we had a few strong tremors in the UK a couple of years ago. Quite the surreal feeling, especially as i was playing FEAR with the lights off :D