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RSS Feeds

Hi guys, just wondering how many of you actually use RSS and Atom feeds to keep track of things online?

I've been working with XML a lot lately which RSS uses and was wondering it it'd be worthwhile building a function into my websites that automatically published RSS feeds.

Bit of market research ;)

Cheers everyone,
For me RSS feeds are being overtaken by social media. Now most people will tend to keep track of what happening from blogs, twitter, facebook etc, and generally when something is created in one, it's usually then posted on all social medias so articles are easily seen straight away.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I use them all the time. I've installed an extension in Chrome that displays an RSS icon in the address bar whenever I visit a site with one available. Clicking it instantly adds that feed to my Google Reader subscriptions.

A lot of content gets lost in social media (particularly Twitter) so I prefer to be able to go through stuff when I have some spare time.