RSS Feeds | In Which Way Do You Read Them?


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Hi all,

I'm going to start subscribing to blogs that I find useful and want a way for me to check up on all of them in one place. I'd be hoping for something like the below:

News Title------------------------Blog
This is a bit of news-------------From this blog

Any more columns would be a bonus, should I be able to configure the set-up. So, as I was saying, How do you read your RSS Feeds, and which way would you recommend for me?


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I always subscribe via email so that I receive them as an email update, only trouble is many blogs don't bother letting you sign up via email.

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To be honest I don't read any RSS feeds so don't have any bright ideas, I think google is your friend on this one, let us know what you find though.


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Cheers Damon.

RSS Feeds are something I would like to get into, as there are some knowledgable people out there who right about things I find genuinely interesting.

I'll google it soon and post up any solution I find.


Actually try and read a few blogs a day, opening up Google Reader tends to be the first thing I do when I get into work. It's all linked in with my Gmail/Google Docs account and has some nice organisation/sharing features.


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Haven't managed to get into Google Reader, it's not accessible enough for me.

I remember signing up to a blog in my bookmarks, I might look into that again.


I also subscribe and enter my email address in a blog through rss feeds when I find its articles or post useful and interesting to me...