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roasted coffee bean


Junior Member
I'm currently busy designing a logo for a coffee company.
But I'm stuck with the coffee bean...
I drew a simple coffee bean in illustrator (two half's puzzled). The coffee bean is white on a brownish color background.
I would like to make the coffee bean look a bit roasted and not so static (without adding color to the coffee bean). Maybe it should not have perfect outlines....

I don't know where to start....
can someone give me some advise how to do so and with what tools?!!!!!!


Junior Member
I did not really thinks someone is going to answer me.... coooooooooooollllllllll, this forum really works!!!!!!

Yes I am trying to create the bean as a vector. I have to use one color for the bean and no tones, that makes it harder.
I drew a coffee bean with the shape tool and tried to make the sides of the bean a bit "crunchy" (roasted) with the brush tool.
What I did was, the bean is white on a brown background color, so I used the tool brush to ad some white around the bean and some brown on the bean itself, again, making it look "crunchy".
The problem now is that when you see the logo close, you see the dot dot dot dot dot dot dot..... and it does not give such a good impression. From far it looks ok, but the point is that it should look neat close, isn't it?
Is there another way doing it?

Thanks for your help!!!!


Staff member
It does work Anita :)

Not quite sure what you mean by "crunchy" but.....
if you want the edges less smooth you could use the "roughen" effect or use the warp tool.

Regarding the dots, have you thought of using a large, vector halftone on there?
I've been doing some t-shirts and using them quite a bit.
Gives you that blown up news print kind of feel.


Junior Member
yes right the dots are terrible... I know...
I changed the coffee bean totally, making it look more interesting and real, and I think it looks better now....

Thanks a mil for the help and advise!!!!!

p.s. wow, there is soooo much to learn in design...!!!!!!
Also, think of a colour theme... rather than white, brown, green and red think about colours that all match such as only brown and white. Also, the fonts you use should be something more... erm.. professional? They don't seem to fit in at all with the logo deisgn...


Junior Member
GilmoreVisuals, I'm a beginner in the graphic busyness and was not allowed to do to many "graphics"...
I had to create a logo for a coffee company (for an exercise, not for real..)
The logo had to fulfill their brief: audience; young, hippy, collage, man, woman, ... place; Kenya,... so the attachment above is not the correct logo...
Here is a better one but also not refined and done yet...