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Richmond Park Tiki Print

Discussion in 'Illustration Forum:' started by Moominbaby, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Hey guys thought you might like to see something I have been working on for the last week. My Richmond Park Tiki Print, based on the wildlife and flowers of richmond park and referencing the classic Tiki prints of the 40's and 50's :)

    Here is the link View image: Richmond Tiki
  2. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Very good - was this another project at the east London print club? I met a textile designer recently who could do with some of your sense of design!
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  3. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Hi Thanks lots :), no it wasn't it's a hand drawing and the put together by the magic of computer.:) it's something I had in mind mind for a while and would really like to make it into some sort of fabric so if you know anyone that would be great :) I am meeting an old friend who maybe able to put me in contact with a retro dress maker, I think it would look great as a 50's style dress :) I don't have much work at the moment so I thought I should get some more illutration work out there :)
  4. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    This girl has her designs printed onto silk - but in China or somewhere - and then made up into scarves. If you google digital print on fabric a couple near the top are Forest Print (in East Sussex) and HTS design and print. Both do digital print on fabric. Keep us posted if you try them!
  5. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Very nice Moomin. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Hi So I have just ordered samples of my fabric in three diffrent swatches so fingers crossed they look good! i am also looking to get my designs on to ceramic and glass wear and also some of my other designs onto kids apparel. Eeek! I'm excited I let you know when I set up my online shop and I'll get my designs hopefully in and around London :) these where the guys that printed my fabric, its a great site so lets hope the samples are good :)-
  7. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Excellent! I'll take a look at them.
  8. linziloop

    linziloop Member

    This is really nice, I'd buy the fabric! I was going to suggest Spoonflower but I see you have already found it :D
  9. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    A new pattern that I finally had time to do whilst on my Christmas break:) after spending a week in a tiny Cornish cottage for Christmas xxx happy new year all!
    PRUSSA COVE - louiebowers - Spoonflower

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