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Revised Kudosis Logo


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Hey all

I've decided (more like forced because of the economy) that I realistically won't be able to go full-time freelance for the next year, maybe less. I'm having to save up a pot of money to support me when I finally make the jump.

The good news is this gives me another year to get more clients, spend more time re-doing my new website and spreading myself about like a prostitute on a saturday night.

I've just been playing around with the new Kudosis logo to try and come up with some different ways of using it as the first draft design is just using the word Kudosis.
I already have a VERY rough idea for my new website (Here) which is still undergoing changes, the Navigation is being changed as well as a proper Footer being added.

I've decided to try and get a definite logo sorted and take it slower than normal as I usually charge in like a bull in a china shop.

Basically this thread is just for peoples opinions on what i've just knocked up tonight, with the main colour scheme which would be used on the site and business cards etc, but i've also included some different colour choices.

Anyway enough rambling, here they are. These are very quick mock ups just to get a feel for the idea, i'm sure you'll guess but the little icon is made up of the two S's reversed against each other. The downfall with my name is that I made the word up, so therefore there's no play on words I can use or any clever imagery, so I think I either need to use something as simple as this, or just stick with the current one and just use the typography.

Idea just adding a different word to it, typography is awful on the creative though.

Other colour choices are just me playing around, these are:

Any criticism is accepted, as long as it's constructive and not un-educated people saying "nah its crap"

Thank you!



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I like it, alot. The gradients are bloody nice, but I could swear that I've seen the double "s" before, but I can't think of where. I think that's the only thing that's stopping me from thinking that they're spot on.

I really like that website. It's reaally relaly nice. My favourite logo is this one:

But I'm a sucker for blue.


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It reminds me of another logo I've seen before. And it also reminds me of a dating service (little heart shaped when you turn it upside down).


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I really like it, nice job!

Not so keen on the version with creative added to it tbh and not keen on the stroked edges.

The variations you have done work well. the orange /grey /black is my preference
I like that first one a lot...looks awesome, or maybe the blue one that tim-ater said he liked...either one of those look ready to go.


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I like the namestyle typography, but don't think you need the graphic as it says nothing or enhances the brand mechanic. It's just a pretty graphic. Also it is visually two 's' and your brand phonetic is 'k'. This will add to a brand confusion, another case of design in front of communication ( BB BoL) It's not about what you or anyone else likes it's about clear consise delivery of a message. ( Young pups have so many mistakes to make before the Obvious hits them!)

Old adage, just as true now as it was 30 years ago....K.I.S.S ( keep it simple stupid!)

Also, put the colours in the bin....A great brand ID doesn't rely on colour, tones, gradients etc. If it works in black and white it will translate in colour.
Colour and tones only hide and mask poor design structure and thought. Does Nike, Apple, Shell, McDonalds, Coke etc rely on colour? They use it... but are not dictated by it. That's great brand work.


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It would make more sense to me if you somehow made a graphic using the letter K. The two "S" make no sense to me. Either that or just have the logo on its own...I dont think the mark brings anything to the brand personally.

Does look nice though :)


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Thanks for the comments guys!

I know exactly what you mean Berry about the colours, but i know it works in Black and White because thats what I design it in, i design every logo I do in black and white first to make sure it works. The colours for this were just to illustrate what it would look like on the new website or business card etc.

I realise the double S logo isn't that useful, and I think its because I was looking for a graphic to work with the type I settled on it, but deep down I don't really like it. I'm going to play around with the letter K to see if I can think of something to use, if I feel its not worth it then i'll just stick with the typographic logo.

Also I remembered this morning where I had seen the Double S logo used before, it's on MTV's Super Sweet 16 program haha, so there's no chance i'll be using it now, I hate that program!

I still have lots of time to play around with it and get something i'm 100% happy with, my current site is still fine for what it is so i'm in no rush to get anything online for the time being.


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Harry said:
SS are never good initials to run with. Particularly in this case where - as said before - they're irrelevant in terms of 'Kudosis'. I don't think you even need a mark to be honest, kinda alters the proportions of the logo too much vertically.

Haha damn you Harry, you worked it out.................

Nah in all seriousness, I never knew that about SS, never really came to mind haha.

I will definitely be remove the graphic, and probably just sticking with the kudosis logotype. What I will try is having on the website design is the "kudo" bit in the grey/white like it is, and then the "sis" in the orange/yellow tint, on a blue background like that, should make it stand out still


Old adage, just as true now as it was 30 years ago....K.I.S.S ( keep it simple stupid!)
That was what one of my first senior designers told me.... strange how the old sayings continue :)