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Review my 2 websites, Flash and Wordpress

Looking at RedAntArmy I thought 'I hate this'. There's nothing worse than a landing page, I almost left the page if I wasn't coming to review it. When I go to a site if the content isn't in front of me when I get there then it's wasting my time (Something I learned about the majority of web users).

The second thing that bugged me was it opening in a wide browser window. I understand you probably need it full screen to display properly but you're making more work for people having to close the window to get back to regular browsing and the open splash page left behind in the main window.

However when I managed to get there I found the navigation animations quite nice, well done there.


Senior Member
anything that loads up in a separate window and then makes me wait is instantly closed nowadays.

if you're gonna hit up a flash site, cool! do it! but make it as reliable as a html site.

the artwork looked good tho, quite simplistic on load up which is pretty sweet.
I didn't like the opening new window idea, especially when I clicked on few website's links from your portfolio and I had to find the website's window. Clients list covers the contact section so you need to move it a bit. And I didn't find the portfolio section easy to use. Surely the categories are fine but the circles of work are not so great, I had to remember which one I clicked so I won't click it again and again and also, thumbnails would be good, when you roll over, it's like guessing and if ill find something interesting how am I going to refer to it for example when I would contact you?
Featured work. Is that just extract from your portfolio? if so, make the image a link or something Id love to see it in bigger image. And on my resolution 1600x900 the button goes out of the screen, was it supposed to be like that? Over all, I like it, the concept of diagrams, but theres lots to do to make it more usable and easier to follow.


Junior Member
I like your both site designs, just one suggestion is in red ant army if possible after pressing enter on the lading page do open the site in the same tab instead of a new child window.