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Reunion Island Landmark


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Hey everyone!

Long time no see! Less time for me in front of the computer more time with family (we need it sometimes agree?). I'm here today to share you my last little project. It was a first attempt to linocutting using this brief from briefbox : "Today we want you to design an iconic landmark"

Actually, I feel a little bit stupid.....You're gonna understand why (look the picture carefully...Or not) but also proud of myself. For a first try I think it's not so bad and I really like the result.


....Hopefully photshop is my friend and I finally get something clean at the end :



What do you think? ;)


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Looks fine to me. I guess you forgot to do it in reverse? Does the smoke signify anything? It could be an S or a question mark.


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School boy error. Brings back memories; I had a lot of fun lino cutting back in college days, seems like a lifetime ago now.


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@hankscorpio : sknaht! ;)

@Levi The smoke doesn't have particular signification...it's just.....Smoke in the way I want to draw it.

@CLHB Indeed we can call it a school boy error...I'm still a school boy and probably for a long long time ;)

Thanks guy's!