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Retro gaming, dosbox help. :cry:


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Hay peeps,
Yep thats right it time for one of Jaz's dumbass questions again.
I'm into my old school games, none of these realistic graphic games for me.

So I bought a classic, well in my eyes anyway, the other day that I had when I was a wee toddler back in 97, okay maybe not a wee toddler but not far off, okay maybe not a toddler at all god I'm getting old. :(

Anyhoo so I installed dosbox to run it as it wont even run on XP, and wrote on dosbox command
mount d d:\ -t cdrom

This gets me the installation screen.

But when I go to install the game to the right directory it says you need a minimum of 68mb to install the game, generic text and I have a little bit more, :), Click the drive you wish to install the game to.

Now normally the C: drive becomes an option with the amount of spare space available next to it, which will be far greater than 68mb.

However all that happens is the mouse pointer flickers and disappears, theres no option to chose a correct drive and if you wait a min or so loads of random blue-green numbers (the same colour as the option/link you can select to chose your drive) appear then loads of purple/pink squares start to fill the top half of DoxBox.

The classic, classic game is Imperium Galactica 1 (I).

Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to play on XP as I can't even get it to install so cant install any of the patches?
I mean I wouldn't have wanted to waste £2 after all and I sadly really like this game. :cry:


O PS ~
Sorry to all who have PM'ed me recently I saw something shiny so got distracted with reading and replying to them, I know I seriously, seriously suck so really soz. All are appreciated though don't think they aren't and i will get round to them I promise. :)


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Cheers fella same issue I'll run through the solution now/when I've done my 2 hours down the gym for today, see if I can get it to work. Very, very much appreciated.

By the way not like I know how to hack via the search engines, can even find massive list of credit card details, don't use it totally ethical, also it's not like I've been searching for solutions for o say 2 days as well. O sigh. :cry:


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O well no freelancing is getting done tonight, congrats to that man I've got it installing. :clap:

My Mrs just said she hates you by the way. :lol:

But I think I've just fallen in love. :love:

Aww sigh, lol.

Cheers fella, off gym now though so it will have to wait. :cry: