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Retina Macs vs Standard?


Junior Member
Hey guys, considering getting a new Mac to replace my little old MacBook Pro, and leaning towards an iMac. I'm not sure if I should go for the Retina 5k iMac, or one of the iMac's with the standard display. Bit of a price difference between them, so wondering if the 5k display is worth it over the non-Retina ones?


Staff member
If you pick the normal 27 inch and then adjust the non retina to 'same specs' the 5k retina is like 50 quid more....not a bad deal for the 5k upgrade

SSD's really make a difference in my opinion, even if apple is just using intel's ssd caching feature (at best, it might be a seagate ssd/hd combi drive) under their own 'marketing term'... they do an optional 256GB ssd for the same cost as the 1TB 'fusion' drive.. I'd pick this if I have other storage.

I would have concerns on the gpu in the retina, I'd say the nvidia is slightly more powerful so if you can afford it upgrade it to the 4gb AMD Radeon R9 M295X model for an extra £200

Also i7 is better than i5... why they're still stuffing in i5's at those prices I have no idea.

Have you considered referbs (and student options if available)... they normally come out cheaper


Senior Member
Getting in early with a 4K+ display will put you ahead of the curve and allow you to test websites and graphics in a way that could only be theorised on regular ol’ HD displays. So yes, if you can swing it, get one. I know I would if I was in the market.


Junior Member
Hm yeah suppose you're right. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than getting a new build and a separate 4k monitor.

And my current Mac, since Yosemite, Adobe software just crashed constantly :/