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Restriction plugin for Wordpress

Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend a really good plugin for restricting widgets to certain pages in Wordpress?

I've used Widget Logic before, but you have to write is_page('page') in every widget you put in, which was fine as I was doing all the updating, but I need something a bit more client friendly. :)



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You could just create a different page template or sidebar - with a specific 'dynamic sidebar' included/not?
Sorry I'm not sure I follow you Andy. Will that not restrict the whole sidebar then? Cause I need the sidebar to be present on all pages, but the contents of the widgets to be different.

Anyhow..I just found this WordPress › Custom widgets WordPress Plugins

It seems to be working quite well, and has a really simple GUI. You can select "show ticked" or "hide ticked" and just tick the pages (or categories) you want a particular widget to be shown on.


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You can create multiple 'dynamic sidebars' so you can put different widgets within each.

Then you can create a 'custom page template' that uses 'sidebar2' and just set the pages you want to use that template within wordpress.

If that plugins working for you then all good, otherwise just let me know if you need more explanation...