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Responsive Testing

Discussion in 'Website Coding & Programming Forum:' started by HippySunshine, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. HippySunshine

    HippySunshine Senior Member

    How reliable are these online responsive testers for web design?

    When I look at my website on actual devices, it all looks fine, but then the online testers show it all wrong. It's making life very confusing.

    Does anyone know of a reliable source to this solution?

    Thanks x
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Buy one of each product it's likely to run on including different operating systems, resolutions and hardware lol
    Getting something to work on 'everything' is a pita
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Which test sites are you using and what are they showing as erronous? Try and use as many fallbacks as you can to prevent or reduce how obvious errors are. In CSS it's easy, simply start with the fall-back and add the more up to date values afterwards. If a browser can't render the latest CSS value it will try the next one up. Don't forget to use your -moz and -webkit engine prefixes as well when needed –
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
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  4. staunton_rook

    staunton_rook Member

    I tend to use a few devices and the plug in on safari helps, although not always accurate I have to say :)
  5. Martin Scurry

    Martin Scurry Member

    why not try google mobile testing tool?

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