Requesting help in identifying a font.

J. Hallo

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I should truly appreciate help in identifying the font used in the sample provided below. I don't know if it is an italicized version of a standard font, or if it is custom. It will be great if I can have the font precisely identified, but if not, then to have something similar will be nearly as good. Alternately, it will be very helpful to me to have a sort of "font type category" which will help me to narrow my search. Thank you all in advance.FontIDjpeg.jpg


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I doubt it's custom, as you can see the double letters like mm, tt, ss are exactly the same.

There are some members on here who are pretty awesome at identifying a typeface.

I know it's not but it's very similar to Apple Chancery.

J. Hallo

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ITC Zapf Chancery
Wow,'re good! Thanks for that. After just a cursory comparison, I would say that you've nailed it. Are you able to discern which style of Zapf Chancery might be depicted here (light, roman, demi, or bold)?

Do you know if ITC Zapf Chancery comes standard on the MacOS? I cannot find it anywhere in the MS Office suite. Alternately, what recommendations might I have of a source for the purchase of a font (For instance, I found this typeface on Thanks.