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Remove Images from Google Search Results?? Please help!


Senior Member
Hi all,

Happy new year! :)

Right, well over Christmas, I've helped some images that upset a person close to me to be removed from the net that were quite personal to them.

these would have been quite entertaining if you didnt know them or how the pics came about, so quickly went quite viral so to speak and featured on a lot of pages around the net. these have since been removed and im happy i could help track down and contact the people hosting the pages.

but when i search google, and google images, the results still appear. when you click a picture, you a get a 404 error, but the fact is theyre still there - same with the website listings.

i think i can remove website listings by reporting to google that the pages are no longer there(am i right?) but does anyone know how to remove the images from the image serarch result? and is it any different?

really involved in this now! Would like to do this asap. i know its not design related question, but i thought id turn to the forum where i trust people have a lotta knowledge, and are nice enough to help me out so much :)



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jazajay or harry or sunburn or tbwcf or maybe onartis would know better than me (or the rest of the forum)

but isnt it something to do with the cache, kinda like your own browsers cache, purely because they dont search for your results each time, but only search once for that search and every other user who searches those words gets those results for a week/two...?

wild stab at that


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Hehe larf :D

I think that it'll just take time for Google's index to realise the images aren't actually there, then drop them.

Alex L

Senior Member
Could you ask the sites involved to set up a robots.txt file to stop Google from displaying it. Not sure if this would help or if the sites would do it...

Good luck though.

Alex L

Senior Member
Does it matter that it doesn't exist. All it's doing is telling the search engine that it isn't allowed to look here?


Senior Member
if you're saying dont look at public/blah/blah/blah then yeah probably no problemo but if you're saying dont look at one file, tha's a bit differentio i thoughtio...?

Alex L

Senior Member
Hmm... you're telling it not to take it from a given source say .../picture.jpg rather than the image itself.

If you uploaded something else in its place with the same name, the robots.txt would still work.

I'll have to test it some day.


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Ah thanks for these greg. So.. i either ask these big american company people ive pestered so much to remove this poor persons content to now add a robots.txt file?? For each image appearing on Google (to be honest i dont really think thats too possible even if that is a way of removing them..but would that work?)

I also read this in a post within the first link:
there are some company’s that are removing things from google for you. Use google to find them
is that true?