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Removal men have it so easy!


Senior Member
They will now anyway..

Still not following?

Watch the video - Youtube
YouTube - Casulo - mobiles Wohnen / Aufbau

Casulo: An Entire Apartment's Furniture in One Small Box : TreeHugger


I dont think the end products are particulary fantastic, nor do I think its essential that something like this even exists (how often do you actually move house/apartments?) but that said its still an impressive concept and a project like that to design must have been extremely complicated. As houses downsize and we continue to struggle for space, maybe we'll see more of these innovations?


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The movie stops playing after 10 seconds... So without the movie I say it's fascinating how it all fits in the box, although I don't know how :p


does look amazing.. :) would've made going to university and stuff like that loads easier in my first year :p :lol: