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Redesign - WIP


Senior Member
OK so I've been pretty busy recently.. I always had a limited understanding of html & css and thought I could get away with it. Well im trying to change all that and have been studying. I've bought books, read blogs, testing things out but above all sat there and looked really really confused at the screen!

Regardless of that Im pretty happy with my progress at the moment, I will update the images in time to some more exciting ones and I am aware I need to do some fixes for older browsers and also I want to redesign the appearance of some of the elements for smaller browsers...

However... here is where I stand.

Basement31 - Brendan Patterson. Designer.

What you think?


Hi Bren,

the only thing that I have is the main image takes a while to load... Other than that I like the way it looks and is going to look once complete.


Staff member
My main concern is lack of any text for seo.... no point having a pretty site if no one can find it via google et al.... unless you only want 'business contacts' to find it.


Senior Member
Well I thought about that but at the same time I think I'll rank pretty high for basement31 and also brendan patterson - pretty much the only two terms I care about SEO wise, im never going to be anywhere relevant for words like design so meh :/

also there will be additional pages such as about, with more text - but not yet.


Senior Member
i hate the font, great and fat.

I wish it had buttons, instead of just text links, and the text links are too close together.

I also think the portfolio link is awesome, it moves the page that tiny bit so i don't have to.

Otherwise the layout reminds me of Armadillo Creative's site.

Just my honest opinion :)


Senior Member
Thanks Romack... I need to change the main navigation to something more.... interesting. I agree.

The fonts Georgia... Whats not to like? :D

Updated today
I'm really liking the site.. My favourite has to be the black/white images that turn to colour on mouse over. I actually use that style for my own portfolio which is great!

No suggestions at the moment though, except for what has already been said about the navigation, apart from that, good stuff.