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Recycled Lighting


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I thought the blender was cool! I remember a few years back I went bowling with some friends, and they were selling some of the old pins/skittles so my friend bought one for £3 I think, he ended up turning into a lamp!! Wish I had a photo now to post :D


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It's great ideas like that that can really add nice touches to a house. I'll definitely have to try and think up some ideas for when I get my own.


Mate of mine turned an old Mac into a lamp years ago.. also turned 8 more into a coffee table.. and one into a goldfish bowl :) very cool stuff :)


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shaqal said:
Wow, new blender?
- No it's my lamp :D
Wouldn't it be cool if the bulb was fixed to the old blade attachment (somehow?!?) and there was some colourings on the bulb itslef so that when it span it gave some crazy lighting effects! :D