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Recreating this simple effect


i need to recreate this logo.

the font is not a problem but the gradient fill on the square, and no its not my design.:D

i use illustrator and photoshop..and also the lesser known Signgo. The gradients in illustrator only allows a spherical fill ( or does it ) where as i need to create the cross effect from corner to corner.

please help


It's the last gradient effect on the right of the options in the gradient toolbar in photoshop. Normally I would never suggest creating/ recreating a logo in photoshop but to be honest it couldn't get much worse so why not.
holy crap are you serious!? are you really just going to recreate the logo and let it pass? give them some critique on the logo and back it up with some facts etc, that way you're not just giving the "not needed criticism, just do what we say" you are helping them move their business on as it may struggle to grab someone's attention with a logo like that. If I were you, do some primary mock ups for a new logo and present it to them, don't spend too much time on it but if it works then you get more work out of it, if it doesn't then just do what they asked originally


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If i could "Like" posts on DF, I would be liking the above 3 posts, but not the logo!

Agree with Ben, give a quick proposal for other logo designs taking the key elements away - colour and business name (scrap everything else ;))


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I'm not sure I would actually want to work for a client who wants to continue using that logo! I would seriously try and get them to let you put something new together, even if it was based on that one but without the shocking gradient and terrible typography - you could knock something better up in 5 mins so do it for nothing!


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Having worked in the signage industry, the above is unfortunately common ground, I remember some hideous logos that we had to print up onto digital vinyl for vehicle graphics, in many cases they've created the logo themselves with MS WordArt!
Sorry, but that is one hideous logo!

Now, I am not a designer buy any means, but if a professional company is charging you any more than £2.50 for that, I'd like to know who it is! lol