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Recommended Design Books

I have been rifling my shelves today for an old text book on graphic design.

This had me thinking what book you might recommend to newbies.

My Selection

Design Basics Index Jim Krausse:icon_tongue_smilie:


New Member
I would recommend Logo by Michael Evamy .

A book filled with categorised logos which sparks instant inspiration with every flick of the pages.
Although I haven't got round to reading this one yet, I have only heard great things about this book and it's one that I can't wait to read!

Seems to be a book more about life experiences as a designer and something that everyone will be able to relate to. I look forward to reading it :icon_smile:
I've been thinking about getting this for a while. Think I'll probably splash out after Christmas.
Not long to wait then!

Must say, I've read lots of recommendations and it's another on my 'to get' list. There's so many books I want to get through, really need to get started on buying some soon :icon_blushing:

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
It really is a great source of inspiration.
Obviously the ones with pictures are better as the text based covers are all pretty similar lol.