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Recommend me some new tv shows?


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So I'm running out of TV shows to follow. New episodes are taking too long; for some reason they sometimes decide to wait three weeks in between episodes. Do you guys like any shows?

I watch(ed) and like(d):
- The Big Bang Theory (comedy)
- How I Met Your Mother (comedy)
- Weeds (drama, comedy)
- Arrested Development (comedy)
- The Hard Times of RJ Berger (comedy)
- The IT Crowd (comedy)
- The Office US (comedy)
- Entourage (drama, comedy)
- Heroes (sci-fi)

Watched the first few episodes of Outsourced (comedy) and it seems funny.

So... lots of comedy but I'd like more serious, dramatic shows like Weeds, Entourage, Heroes... Anyone?
Oh, and I know they're all American shows (except for IT crowd). Do you guys get a lot of American shows in the UK actually?


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I've been watching some american series (the joys of an american ip vpn :)) although some are in the UK too
- breakout kings - cons help catch cons who have broken out of jail, same writers as prison break and features t-bag in one episdoe
- hawaii 5-0 - remake of the classic, not bad actually in my opinion
- camelot - a re-imagining of king arthur in the vein of the tudors
- the cape - comic book character made into series, features summer glau :)
- nikita - new series
- stargate universe - it gets better in season 2 (although that could be last one)
- birds of prey (may need to search for dina meyer) - think batman/smallville but with women
- v (2009-11) - remake of the original

also been watching seaquest dsv on dvd, then it's season 4/5 of battestar galactica (remake). :)
got lexx, farscape to come at some point too - yes I'm a sci fi fan (babylon 5 over star trek any day :))

We do get a fair few american programs in the UK, most british budgets go on crappy reality tv shows like "the only way is essex", a show about nobodies that are now 'celebrities' due to the show about them..... yes I know there is something wrong with our culture


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Breakout kings looks like something I would enjoy. Really liked Prison Break too.
Might give The Cape a shot as well. And now we have Hawaii 5-0 here in Belgium too. Have only seen bits and pieces of it but I might get round to watching that.

Good post Levi :up:


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Recently gotten into:

Lie to Me: It's great as you can watch episodes at random at not be concerned with the overall plot, then watch a series and get suckered into the overall plot. Serious but can be oddly light hearted at times.

My Name is Earl: Got season 1-4 not so long ago, it is great to watch from the beginning, I can't get enough of it, constantly funny.

Spaced: I say gotten into, watched again. Pegg and Frost in their younger nerdier years.

ER: The complete collection is a real undertaking, 15 seasons, 20 episodes per season...it starts out slow, gets amazing seasons 3-9 and then picks up again towards the end. Its all very good, but there are higher points.

If you haven't seen the Wire yet, it is amazing, you have to watch the first 3-5 episodes of the first season, it builds up and then keeps getting better.

Mythbusters makes my life better on a regular basis.

Sky launched their HBO partner recently Sky Atlantic HD basically pick any show on that channels listing and you are pretty safe.
I've just rewatched both seasons of Spaced, great stuff.

Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica?.

I'm totally hooked on The Tudors at the mo. I'm onto season 3...one left.

The Pacific is good also.

As mrp says Mythbusters is also worth a look.

The League of Gentleman. 3 season of twisted genius.

Dr Who. The new ones. David Tennant is the best.


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Great thread!

Im currently working my way through Dexter, which is actually very funny for a series about a serial killer. He works for the Miami Forensics and kills people in his spare time.

Lost is a good investment if you can sit through 6 seasons, some people moaned about the end, but I think its an iconic series for the last decade.

Mad Men is also a good watch, based around Advertising company in America in the 1920s. Its quite slow but the design is beautiful and Im sure if you work in the design/advertising industry it makes it even more interesting!

Ive just borrowed the Wire Season1, havent started it yet though. Im also giving Boardwalk Empire a go but not 100% convinced yet!

Gavin&Stacey is a great British comedy too if you havent seen that.