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Recession Who?



Evening All,

I've finally found the time to catch up on some bit and pieces that I've been waiting to do since before Xmas, including read the posts on here. I've been that busy over the last 4 months that I've not had the time to do the stuff I'd normally do in my spare time such as reading, idea development, blogs, socialising and importantly sleeping.

I'm not bragging or complaining and I tell you I'm feeling super lucky to be so busy, but I'd love to know how everyone else is doing?

I'm hearing a lot about economic crisis, resession and businesses going bust, but to be honest I'm not seeing it myself, and I'm yet to come into direct contact with anyone who is.

True, lately I've got rise my payments up. My company got big contracts from other big companys,lower fuel prices without stuff for my PC but this is normal. I think it could be like "global warming". All says about it but no one experience that even scienceist
I think a lot of people have been feeling some effects of the recession lately. However, I believe that companies and studios are feeling it just a bit more than freelancers are. If a client needs work done during this time it's obvious that its cheaper to go through a freelancer than it is to find an agency. I would definitely say its a better market for freelancing at this moment but still not quite as it once was.
I don't think the design world is suffering as much as everything else. I know for one the company I work for is doing better than ever. We are have a huge number of clients (400+) but only have 5 people in the company. This past January we sold 9 websites (only in January) and that is the best we've ever done since the company started in 2000. Pretty good I think. That doesn't include the standard payments we get all the time from people, we get paid yearly by our 400+ clients for hosting fees and listings on our online directory. So things are good.
I definitely agree that the design industry is not hurting as bad as others, such as the automobile industry or the people on wall street. With that being said, smaller companies are usually better off as well than the larger ones. I know a couple of big design agencies that have had a pretty significant amount of layoffs and even medium to small size ones letting a couple people go as well here and there. Twitter has a pretty good page that people are posting updates on as fellow employees are getting laid off Twitter / adagencylayoffs
Well you can take it from me: Nobody is hiring at junior level...at least not me, had around 20 rejections so far out of around 30 applications. Oh well, there are still jobs out there....
The company I work for is doing pretty good as well. I haven't noticed any decrease in clients or work coming in and we're constantly busy. Additionally we've just hired a new Junior Web Designer.

But I have been in pretty direct contact with the recession. My Girlfriend works as a Studio Manager for an Interior Design Agency who also dabbles in Graphic Design and they've had to let a few of their Designers go. And was also told that if the company doesn't get any new projects on in the near future they will have to reduce their week to 4 working days, plus a significant lowering of their salaries.

Also a good friend of mine, who is a Senior Jewellery Designer, has just been made redundant.

I guess it depends on the industry. Web seems to be doing quite well. And I was talking to a guy who works for RMG Connect in London who claims that Web Design won't suffer that much because a lot of companies turn to the web as it's a cheap form of marketing.


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Heard via a reliable Recruitment Consultant that one agency in Newcastle let 4 staff go last Friday. Right out of the blue. 'Rumour' has it one other agency is letting 6 go ( design & account side).
I've had so many CV's this last 2 weeks it's clogging up my mailbox. It's going to take another 14 months to get out of this.


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woh Berry, that's pretty bad. Yeah, it really sucks from a student's point of view, less and less agencies will wanna be taking a less experienced designer on, obviously.

My parents haven't been touched by the recession; my dad is still safe in his job (he's quite high up in transport for west midlands), and mum is at uni, so obviously can't make less money!