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Reccommend me a printer for my Dad's business cards...

My Dad, who is a freelance roofing contractor has asked me to design him some business cards to help drum up business.

Can anyone recommend a printer who could handle a run of say 250 with 2 colours on the front and colour photo on the rear?

Similarly, does anyone know roughly what this should cost?

Thanks in advance!


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@ flinthosts have you used these ppl? I have to say I struggle to believe i some of these companies, 500 litho printed business cards for £30?. They must be putting a lot of print thought their machine to be able to do prices like that & personally I would question wherever they are interested in quantity or quality, it would seem quantity, do they care about your job? can you phone and speak to someone if they aren't delivered? or if they are crap? or are they lying and printing digiatally.

& there is no phone number or address on their website! I wouldn't touch with a bargepoll!

250 cards, matt laminated both sides, colour both sides, delivery included - £29 + vat

I'll send you some samples if you want?