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Really Crap start to week! Filled Petrol car up with Diesel!


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Arrrr! I can not believe this week has started the way it has!!!

My dad has had his car for 6 months or so and have filled it up plenty of times, so why tonight of all times when the tank was almost empty did i decide it would be a good idea to fill it up with diesel when its a petrol!! FFS!!

The first pump pulled up to nozzle didn't fit, so evan waited at another pump where i then pretty had to wiggle hose in! Wasn't till I had put about 28 quid in that it then clicked!

I could not believe it!


Guess this week can't get much worse . . . . . haha

Anyone else had a crap start to the week??


if you call trying to find one problem entry in 200,000 entries in a database crap then yes :) otherwise no :)

damn dude thats not fun filling up with diesel :(


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Least you realized before pulling out the forecourt though??
Could have been a hell of a lot more damage if you'd driven it for a while!

My start to the week has been a bit slow, seem to be rushing like crazy every Friday afternoon though, anyone else like that?! or just me..


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Least my dad took it well!! He thought I was winding up on phone!!! Took a few seconds too sink in!!

I did enjoy the phone call to BMW 24hr support!! Alot of people seem to do it haha!!!!

Yeh know that too Greg! Kinda ended up working over weekend! Think I'm gonna book a holiday! Haha
Thats pretty impressive that mind.

Must have took a bit of jiggling, i nearly did the same a few years back when i filled up my first MINI with petrol (after having a diesel previous) after struggling with it worked out why it wasnt going in!
School boy error sparkes!! A good friend of mine...actually hes a professional footballer dunno if anyone knows him or knows of him...Tony Mcmahon


Filled his new motor with the wrong fuel and had to get his tank flushed..I think it was his Brand BMW! He previously had a Pugeout and had just bought his new car and totally forgot it was a different fuel type. Sorry if you ever see this Tony named and shamed lmao!


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Hmm, don't know how often that happens here in the States, I just know I've seen my fair share on the roads of people leaving the gas cap panel open.

Of course it could be worse! Can you see what's wrong in this pic?:D


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It could be a lot worse! you could have started the engine!

...not a good start but it could have been a lot worse!

I've been there myself before... fortunately it was only a couple of litres of petrol into a diesel so it got diluted enough not to do any damage.


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Well things get a bit better this morning! Car is on way to garage to be drained, turns out the insurance covers the costs, its a company car and they have a pretty high end policy for all the cars, think might be down to incase someone did it to the directors Aston lol!! So as such its not all bad!

Just hope today goes better haha!

Still don't know how i did it!