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Real Estate Branding


Staff member
I think that works well and is a nice solid piece for your folio.

There's not a great deal you can do with estate agents as they all seem to have a bit of a set theme that people expect to see so it's difficult
to be out of the box as the public are very easily confused.
Great - I like all the different collateral (paper and business card stacks!), adds a professional and well established look.

Is this real stuff or did you add the visuals to another image? I'm putting together my portfolio at the moment so would love to do some example business cards that I've done for clients but don't have any printed stacks myself to photograph.


Junior Member
Cheers Scotty! Yeah that was my problem, I tried different stuff but in the end I couldn't really deviate from the typical house thing.

And Vanessa, I used mockups, basically pre-made psd images to simulate the real deal. You can get free ones online, or you can buy 'em on graphicriver etc.
Sorry this is quite late.

The design works I think, but those thin lines at the top of the BC and letterhead could go wrong when being printed out (ie: the printer is 1 or 2mm out and it looks all wonky, if you see what I mean)


Junior Member
To be honest I've never had anything printed with something right to the edge - unless its been the background or something, so wasn't sure how the strip would work. Hmm. It's only a concept piece but I'll look into that for future stuff, cheers Alex.
If you are using the Logo design and branding concept for a local real estate business, it is a great thing. Due to this it make the image of your business in clients mind.

Sean Lee-Amies

It's very simple, not that that's a bad thing but I reckon there's room for more creativity in there - if they're paying enough! There's definitely room for some different colours as well, for an estate agent making it a little more sophisticated surely couldn't hurt.