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Re-gain foothold within GD industry + Feedback

Hello to one and all at GDF,

I am a degree qualified GD and have recently returned to the UK from Crete, Greece. Whilst abroad I was teaching in private language schools but now I am looking to re-gain creative employment within the design industry.
I have over 5 years previous experience and have an iMac to practise / hone my skills. I've been for a number of interviews but no luck as yet. At 48 I'm a little old for junior/assistant posts which would suit me well as I have had little in the way of recent experience.
Nonetheless, I will continue to attempt to find meaningful employment within Kent/South East but in the meantime I figured I may get some advice / feedback by posting a link showing work samples. Many thanks to all in advance.
L1. graphic-portfolio
L2. portfolio

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hi Anthony,

Your work is good, and certainly isn't dated in terms of design style. It's probably worthwhile looking at creating some newer projects for the portfolio to demonstrate you've still got the designer's touch. With regards to employment, have you thought about positioning yourself as a freelancer for hire by studios? After a 5 year break (and being out of contact with the industry/a network) you might find it a challenge to gain a senior position straight await, but by being freelance studios have the flexibility to just get you in short-term, and gives you a chance to make some new contacts.

Keep shoving your portfolio under everyone's noses though, someone will take you eventually I'm sure.
Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your advice. A positive response is just the tonic I need right now. I'm sorry for the delay in replying but I started work on 5th May at a local construction site (only temporary to get some pennies in) and I simply hadn't the energy to get online till now. I will look at taking steps toward freelancing and shall also continue to post my portfolio out to all and sundry as suggested. Many of the pieces are newly developed as a means of keeping my hand in and I will endeavour to continue in that vain. It is all so easy to lose heart and doubt your own abilities all the time you're being rejected - this forum is a great support network for GD's looking for a network of like minded people as you've proven.

Once again, many thanks indeed for taking time to reply to my plaintive cry. Had I not received a single response I may well have turned my back on the industry…. something I really, truly do not wish to contemplate. May the sun shine on you always! Cheers.