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Re-design a Logo for $10,000 US Dollars! (approx £6170)

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Competitions:' started by smithmiller6, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. smithmiller6

    smithmiller6 Guest

    That’s right. The world’s number one freelancing website seeks to have its logo redesigned. This is your ultimate break – A logo contest that promises to award US$10,000 to the best of the best designers. Other cool prizes are up for grab AND, best thing here is ‘EXPOSURE’ – show the world your work. With GetAFreelancer ranking 1072nd among millions of websites today, your work exposure is simply boundless.

    Should your work be picked as the grand winner, US $10,000 should be the grandest compensation you will get for a logo. Isn’t it?

    Please read GetAFreeLancer for more details.
  2. Eagle

    Eagle Member

    I won't support bidding sites but good luck with it... :icon_rolleyes:

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