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re: being a retard


Senior Member
it happened because i chucked it at a piece of wood. that's why im retarded.

no it wouldnt have happened to a microsoft phone, because i wouldnt have bought it in the first place.

and it's fully gone. it's automatically opening up apps like accessibility options. is funny to watch but annoying as that's £88 down the drain.


Senior Member
thanks for that berry :p

nah the screens not smashed btw, it's just doing all kinds of crazy commands.

i managed to restore it for 5 mins (before it crashed) when i realised that i have now lost all texts/photos/emails/apps/videos - because iTunes has just taken a giant shat on top of them and made them incompatible.


Senior Member
Oh k,

well guess you'll have to either get it fixed by apple, claim on insurance..?
or find someone with an iphone with a broken screen and transplant yours across...


Senior Member
I've looked into this, because...

meet my ipod touch!

I however dropped mine whilst out running (a microsoft application :), i kid!). However mine still works fine, so I can't be bothered spending the money!

I do however have to point out I was not surprised to see Tim's name under such a thread title!


damn thats a good scratch Mike :p I'm sure that you could just buff that right out :p :lol: or just fix it with some sticky tape :D