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Raising money for Japan


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Hi guys, I dont normally post links to my own work, but I was approached a few months back by the BigToyAuction website to donate one of my prints to a charity auction to raise money for the people affected by the disaster in Japan. I decided to produce a brand new print as a one off, numbered as 1 of 1. Its currently available to bid for here...

"Heroes Give Hope" Limited Edition 24" X 18" Print | Proxibid®

Its for a great cause, I dont make anything from it at all and all the proceeds go to the Convoy of Hope charity who are providing relief for the people affected by the disaster.

DF's very own Tom Sound kindly donated the print free of charge.

Id really appreciate it if you could spread the word to raise as much money as possible (and you dont have to bid for my print, there are loads of great lots available with loads more coming soon!)


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Hi Jim, I have tweeted about it a couple of times, my twitter name is in my signature below.

Typo, that is also another brilliant cause. There are so many really valuable charities and organisations out there its hard to support them all but Help for Heroes are doing a brilliant job I agree.
Agreed but HFH is helping OUR people OUR lads and lasses.
Japan is a very wealthy country and I understand the difficulties. However times are hard and my money goes to
the local lad who lost a leg servicing his country not to the people who starved and beheaded our grandfathers.


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I know what you are saying Typo and you are obviously entitled to your opinion which is fine.

To me I dont think counties or boundaries should make a difference when it comes to helping people in need. They are still just people and they have endured an awful time recently.

Maybe I see it differently because my generation dont know many who were affected by World Wars, but I dont feel personally that I can hold people responsible for what their ancestors have done.
Japan has already taken large strides and have the infrastructure to recover and rebuild. The short of it is, they don't want (or need) our money.


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The aim of the Convoy of Hope charity is to provide aid directly to the people who need it. They meet the people worst affected face to face to provide relief. Yes, Japan is a rich country but if you think that money trickles down to those who are now homesless, jobless, without families or friends then your sadly mistaken. Ive been on a few aid relief trips myself in recent years to the poorest areas of Russia (a country made up on a number of billionaires) and the level of poverty is inhumane.

Since tweeting about the poster I have received numerous messages from Japanese people thanking me for the auction, telling me how much they appreciate the help from the BigToyAuction. The Japanese government might not need or want that money, but for the people who are directly affected by the problems I think your mistaken to say they are fine without our help.