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RAF reserves

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by tim, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. tim

    tim Senior Member

    hey guys,
    totally off topic. shhh. nobody needs to know.

    anyway. thinking of joining then RAF reserves. always wanted to be a pilot. never been able to afford training. been advised by experienced people that military pilots get priority over commercial piloting jobs.

    opinions? minimum sign up is 4 years, which is slightly terrifying, but it's ony 30 days a year, all of which are paid too.
    anyone know of any RAF people who joined via the reserves? (long shot)
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  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

  3. tim

    tim Senior Member

    hahaha ^
  4. Matt Harle

    Matt Harle Guest

    I don't know anybody in the reserves, but I think you should go for it. It's a way to get to where you've always wanted to be, so do it.
  5. You get really well treated in the RAF, it's an established institution that always strive for the best. I was joining the RAF regiment, but switched to the mercians and got my fitness test soon. Your'e gonna miss out on a lot more not joining.
    .......I only suggest a boat load of running and if you're over 14 stone ( like me ) try and slim down lol, its easier to carry a full bag of gear when you're lighter haha
  6. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Guest

    I was in Air Cadets once. Hated it. :( Pledge allegiance to the crown and the country, and God...*oh wait, that's me out*

  7. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Many moons ago I wanted to join the RAF Regiment. So as a try out sort of thing I did the TA Yeomanry at Newcastle. They give you a little tank so not too much running.
    It was fun and quiet hard work but I have some great stories. Didnt go the RAF way in the end...
    Good luck Tim. You could be a Drone pilot.
    IDrone of course.
  8. tim

    tim Senior Member

    why thanks. my grandad was RAF so my mum will kill me haha
    only thing im worried for is as a reserve they can call you up until youre 50 i believe...?
  9. Squiddy

    Squiddy Guest

    I went to air cadets too! It was okay, the people were a bit too... mechanical for my liking though.
  10. clark24

    clark24 New Member

    You can join up to the age of 50 as a Gunner, or 55 with previous service. To be fair to GH, the RAF's own web site calls the RAuxAF the Reserves:

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