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Raed Skaik


Junior Member
Hi Guys!!

I very excited to join you guys in this forum.

If you want to know about me and my work, please visit: rskaik.com

See u around!


Active Member
Id rather you tell me about yourself here, my time is limited, and need more than line of text that i ill have to copy and paste into my browser address bar only to find out that it wasn't worth the effort (probably). when i get to the resulting page.

Its a give and take thing.


Welcome to the forum Raed, you'll find that almost all of us won't click on your link so if you want us to get to know you I would tell us about yourself here :)


Active Member
Not a great opening Raed, you wouldn't open a conversation in person like that would you?
If you can't type the we won't click
Hi Raed,

As others have mentioned it would be nice with a little more information about yourself, instead of just throwing in a link (that you could at least have made clickable).

You're more than welcome to add your site to your signature though.

Welcome to DF.