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Quote on wedding invitation printing


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I originally posted this quote request under "Multiple print quotes required" but the requirements have changed since that due to the client wanting different things and perhaps if I give a few more details, I may get more quotes.

I'm designing a 5 piece wedding invitation that needs to be sent out by the middle of September at the latest.

The specifications of the job:
Double sided
Full colour
Uncoated card (but must be thin)

My original quote requested prices for multiple A4 prints, but I'm wondering if it may work out cheaper if I laid everything up on A3 or A2 instead. As such, these are the dimensions of each of the 5 PDFs required. All PDFs include trim marks.

280 x 200mm - The container for the other four pieces
78.3 x 148.3mm - A poem
143.3 x 148.3mm - Evening invitation
143.3 x 148.3mm - Main invitation
260 x 70mm - RSVP

Quantites required of each:
80 x Containers
80 x Poems
60 x Evening invitations
40 x Main invitations
80 x RSVPs

There are a total of 80 5-piece invitations being sent out.

I can set up the various parts of the invitation on A4, A3, A2 etc to reduce the number of prints needed. This is what each document comes to provided there is a maximum of 5mm margin per document size:

If laid up on A4
80 x A4 - Containers (1 per page)
27 x A4 - Poems (3 per page)
30 x A4 - Evening Invitations (2 per page)
20 x A4 - Main Invitation (2 per page)
27 x A4 - RSVP (3 per page)

If laid up on A3
40 x A3 - Containers (2 per page)
8 x A3 - Poems (10 per page)
15 x A3 - Evening Invitations (4 per page)
10 x A3 - Main Invitation (4 per page)
16 x A3 - RSVP (5 per page)

If laid up on A2

20 x A2 - Containers (4 per page)
5 x A2 - Poems (17 per page)
10 x A2 - Evening Invitations (6 per page)
7 x A2 - Main Invitations (6 per page)
8 x A2 - RSVP (8 per page)

No cutting or folding is required as the some cuts are slits to slot pieces into and don't go right across the page.

All items aside from the RSVP have a solid colour on the back of them. The RSVP is to be folded in half once filled in and has an address printed on the back. Therefore it's important that both sides of the RSVP line up correctly.

Based on the above dimensions and quantities, please could you give me a quote on the cheapest way to print things. Please include VAT and delivery to an address in Liverpool.

Hopefully, now that I've explained in more detail, I may get a few more quotes. I'd really appreciate it if you could quote on the job. Cheers!


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Cheers Neil. You can always trust men named Neil.;)

Would it be possible to get a sample of both weights of card please? If so, could you please email me (neil AT theworkof.co.uk) and I'll send you my address.