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Quicktime Issue

Hi All,

Really am an amateur when it comes to this stuff so apologies in advance. Having an issue with a quicktime video I'm trying to test on my site. It plays fine locally when previewing in browser in dreamweaver but once loaded up to my site it just comes up with the quicktime Q and wont play. Know this is prob a bit vague and 101 things could be an issue but any suggestions for things to check would be welcome.
Well after a few hours of faffing I've made some progress, the file I was originally trying to upload was an MP4, had no luck, converted to .mov which loaded but took over 10 mins to download, 19MB not ideal.

Couldn't seem to get fast start (progressive download) to work. Does anyone know how to correctly code fast start if it doesn't do it automatically? Any parameters you can add to the video in dreamweaver?

May give up and convert it to a flash movie via MPEG StreamClip, as the file size stays fairly large but at least I can specify progressive download. Failing that may just add it to vimeo but any advice welcome.