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Quick InDesign question

I'm pretty sure this is ridiculously easy... but:

How can I change spreads into single pages in InDesign? I've created a booklet with 2 page spreads, but the printer wants them as individual pages with their own bleeds. I can't work it out for the life of me...

Please help! :)


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Have you created the spreads as 1 A3 landscape page or as two A4 portrait pages placed together?

If its as 2x A4 portrait, just make sure the "spreads" box when you export the pdf is not ticked. ((file / export - then its just on the general tab which is the first to appear.))

If its set up as A3 you've shot yourself in the face.... quickest solution would probably to export as A3 landscape with bleed (no crops) then create the document as 2 A4 portrait pages placed together and place your pdfs there... then re pdf as single pages with crops
Ach, ignore me, I sorted it in the end. Forgot to reply to this post!

The document had been set up by somebody else. Facing pages was already unticked - strange no?

A bit of dragging the pages around did the trick in the end. Thanks for your help though!


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I never use facing pages, just don't like the option... I always click on the 'noggon' on the pages pallet and untick "allow pages to shuffle" then you can move them around and attached to each over as you please... sounds like that's what someone's done here...
I use facing pages for layout purposes only- it is important to know what a document will look like and how the various graphical elements will interact once it is printed and facing pages can facilitate this.

Having said this, no printer accepts facing pages in a print-ready pdf, hence I pdf as single pages.