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Sure. It's pretty easy.

What do you want to know?

This is my client's logo, I need to use it to graphic illustriation that I made for him. I work on Adobe Illustrator but I dont know how to create it, to look exactly like on the pic


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It's a little small from the example but...

Place the logo.png into your Illustrator file.
It helps to reduce the opacity here and then lock the layer.

Just use the pen tool to draw over the crown to make that and use the shape tool to create the star on another layer.
If the star has rounded points then just use the corner tool to do that by selecting the points you want rounded with the direct selection tool (white arrow) and pull the little circles that appear just inside the points.

The path for the line and text look like a slightly irregular circle.

Draw this the best you can either by making an eclipse a similar size and distorting it to match using the node handles or draw the left side using the pen tool and duplicate, flip/mirror and join the paths to get the other side symmetrical.

Use this path for both the text and the line but copy and paste (in place) a copy of the path on another layer and hide it in the layers window.

To put the text on the path, you can use the Type On Path tool to either type directly onto the path or copy and paste it on there but make sure it's centred in the paragraph window.

The "Type On Path" tool can be a bit flakey to use and you'll probably have it displaying upside down or back to front so you'll need to pull the little handles on the text path to get it where you want it.
There's tut's on the net on how to use it.

Once you've you've got that right through trial and error lock the layer with the text on a path is and make the line/circle layer visible.

Reduce the size by holding Shift+Alt+Command whilst dragging to keep it centred so it lines with the middle of the text.

Then you can use the "Cut" tool to trim the line to where you want it to end and delete the bit you don't want.