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Question and your feedback

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by par30web, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. par30web

    par30web Junior Member

    Hi guys!
    I've a one question that I didn't understood from other's logos!
    I do design logo but I didn't study anything about standards! For example size standards, colors and...
    I want to know something about if if you could tell me :)

    And what do you think about my logos I've created?
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
    I'll be happy to see your comments to have a better design
    thanks ;)

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    The logos you have designed are nice and show that you are creative. Some of them need some improvement, in my opinion, but the general look is tidy and pleasant.

    About the standards; ideally you should provide an executive in vector (using Illustrator or similar). Alternatively a Psd or a Jpeg would be acceptable as long as the resolution is very high.
  3. par30web

    par30web Junior Member

    Thanks, but I know nothing about Illustrator :( Is it easy to learn it or not? I design with Photoshop CS5!

    WEBIAN Senior Member

    The potential of Illustrator is huge. Some of the things one can do are easy while others are complex.

    I advise you to start by fiddling a little bit with it (if you have CS5 you also have Illustrator). Then try to design a logo which is made of characters only, or reproduce one which you have already designed (pick up a 2D one to start with). See how it goes. Look for tutorials; there are many around. I think that as soon as you get the gist of it you'll start loving it.

    Meanwhile you can still use Photoshop for your logos, but don't forget that the resolution must be high otherwise they won't print well in large format.
  5. adamphaworth

    adamphaworth Junior Member

    Some really nice designs well done, link 2 and 3 didn't load btw.

    As said above try illustrator out you will find it extremely useful along side PS, try and get used to using all the CS5 suite as they compliment each other.

    You may want to do some samples of lighter work, aimed more towards corporate clients as the examples shown will only appeal to a select market.
  6. par30web

    par30web Junior Member

    Thanks for suggestions, here you are 2nd and 3rd one!

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